Beaucoup et Davantage prospects, finds, visits and selects for you properties for purchase adapted to your needs

We support you in all your real estate research: primary or secondary residence, pied-à-terre, offices or rental investments…

The essential steps of a successful search for a successful purchase are articulated around several axes:

• Identification of the need
• Assistance during the search
• Search for the property
• Proposals for visits, counter-visits, and file review
• Joint negotiation and evaluation of results
• ... and Signature !

Thanks to its proven knowledge of the real estate market, Beaucoup et Davantage evaluates, compares, advises and helps you to negotiate the best price for your property purchase. Beaucoup et Davantage also asks about co-ownership, charges, diagnoses, easements, the neighbourhood environment....

Buyers rely on and rely on the professionalism of Beaucoup et Davantage by purchasing their property calmly and in full knowledge of the facts.

Using the services of Beaucoup et Davantage is the success of your real estate acquisition in Paris and above all the insurance of a PRECIOUS TIME GAIN!

Chercheur de biens immobiliers à Paris


Legal, commercial and technical mastery of the real estate world combined with professional know-how guarantee you the success of a successful acquisition

Quality of Service

Commitment to provide you with a fast acquisition search in Paris and the Paris Region that meets your requirements, according to clearly identified needs

Keys to success

Expertise, notoriety, human quality
More than 20 years of experience in real estate

Signs of excellence

Customer satisfaction and loyalty :
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Un service complet pour la recherche de votre achat immobilier

A Complete Mission

Beaucoup et Davantage also offers an "Accompaniment Pack" : work, moving, moving, moving, decoration, accompaniment, choice of notary, credit, rental, ...

Recherche à l'achat pour votre résidence principale ou pour un investissement locatif

Reduced cost commitments

We are committed to a fixed price research contract in order to provide you with a quality service at a reasonable cost during your real estate purchase.

Let's talk about your real estate project in Paris

Caroline - Director and Founder.

Caroline Nguyen - Directrice Beaucoup et Davantage