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«Caroline guided us with a safe and steady hand through every step on this journey. Her expertise, attention to details and unbreakable positive spirit made us feel safe in every complex and necessary decision. Without any hesitation we would recommend her services to anyone who is looking for an apartment in the city of lights. She is the best! Without Caroline we wouldn’t have been able to buy the apartment we now happily live in».

Magnus & Kia Naddermier - June 2022

«Caroline has been an incredible help to us. We were looking for an apartment in Paris but as expatriates it was difficult for us to visit properties and act quickly. Caroline did it for us and we were delighted by her expertise, patience, kindness and sympathy. We trusted him completely and his experience made the process pleasant while we feared a purchase from abroad. Thanks to her, we found an apartment for our return to Paris, exactly in the geographical area we were looking for and according to our criteria. Thank you Caroline!».

Marie Lintzer, expatriate in New York

«Thanks to Caroline's expertise and reactivity, I was able to buy a great apartment in the 11th arrondissement. It saved me a lot of time (apartment found very quickly!) and energy. I was not available for the visit of this property that she had found for me, but thanks to her I was still able to position myself. I didn't have to visit properties that didn't suit me, and Caroline helped me adjust my criteria based on the visits I made together to find the best possible property. She also accompanied me during the procedures with the notary, which is very reassuring when buying a first apartment (which is my case). I strongly recommend his services. Thank you, Caroline, for your availability and energy throughout this search!» .

Manon Navellou, Mechanical Engineer

«Wishing to acquire a small apartment in Paris, we mandated Caroline to do so. Very attentive, she immediately identified our requirements: surface area, neighbourhood, quiet building, well located, high floor, balcony, garage etc.... Caroline searched for the ideal property, visited it beforehand for us, eliminated the not-serious ads, and finally set us up with Rv in early July. She showed us 8 properties in just 48 hours; and in September, we acquired the first property visited. We can say that the mandate entrusted to us was carried out "by Master hands"!
Thank you so much Caroline! »

Mr and Mrs Galland

«At 26, the first purchase of an apartment is an exciting but stressful challenge. Caroline certainly accompanied me from beginning to end, but above all she advised me, reassured me and taught me a lot about this universe which was then completely foreign to me. My research and my purchase went without any problem, Caroline has always been available, listening to my desires and doubts. Efficiency, professionalism, reactivity but above all kindness and humanity are all qualities that Caroline brings together, and which make her indispensable in real estate research!».

Alizée Perrin, Journalist

«Caroline Nguyen was able to find the right accommodation for us and spared no effort to solve the administrative and other problems encountered along the way. A big thank you to her for her professionalism and generosity».

Constance Dedieu-Grasset, Author

«Caroline is the best consultant for research and management of my apartment in Paris, living in the United States. Its competence, the clarity of its communication, coupled with sympathy, make it a trustworthy partner».

Pascale Milon-Ouattara, Artist

«Living abroad, I wanted to invest in Paris, buy my apartment for my return from France. I couldn't travel for the visits, so I needed someone I could really count on! I used the services of Beaucoup et Davantage (recommended by friends) and there I met Caroline, dedicated to my cause, attentive, helpful, patient and very professional! The search for my apartment was a moment made really very pleasant by Caroline, while I was apprehensive about that, especially the administrative procedures, but Caroline was with me everywhere, right to the end! Thank you to her!»

Cécile Cortot - Graphic designer

«Available, very professional and with good advice, Caroline allowed us to find the property that suited us in the geographical area we wanted. We were able to make our real estate purchase very easily and with complete confidence thanks to his handling of the file. In addition to an apartment, we found a gold mine for all property searches».

Laurent BRIQUET, General Manager in Tourism and New Technologies

«Thanks to you, we had found a great apartment in the 18th arrondissement of Paris».

Claire Maignon, Maître de Conférences en Histoire de l’art contemporain XIXe-XXIe siècles

«Thank you to Caroline who, thanks to her professionalism and great kindness, helped me twice to find an apartment that totally met my expectations... Caroline offers much more than just assistance in finding apartments, she offers real professional and human support. Thank you to her».

Adeline Eminet, Architect

«A common knowledge allowed us to get to know Caroline. We asked him to find an apartment in Paris for our son who was starting his higher education. As a good provincial, without Caroline this would have been very tortuous. She took care of everything and we just had to choose the one that suited us. Great and besides we will ask him again to find us another apartment».

Mr and Mrs Régis Delahaye - General Insurance Agent

«Caroline helped me find a nice apartment in the inner suburbs. Every day, when I return home in the evening, I am happy to have made the choice of this new apartment. I appreciated his availability and great kindness because it is always very stressful to do this type of operation. Without her support, I would not have been able to decide to take the step so easily. Her knowledge of the real estate market is very real and saves time and energy. Above all, Caroline respected my choices, with patience and kindness. Everything concerning bank credit and the notary has been well planned. I didn't have to visit accommodations that didn't match my choices because Caroline had selected those that could suit me. After three visits, I fell in love and Caroline made sure to facilitate discussions on the purchase price. She really knows how to do that.
After three months, the sale of my old home and the installation in the new one were completed. A small but important detail: Caroline was able to soothe my partner's stress. It's not nothing because I felt accompanied and supported. In addition, stress is often a bad advisor and can make financial mistakes. For me, technical advice, knowledge of the real estate market and support were very important. Last but not least: a substantial saving compared to the service of a real estate agency»

Laura Sokolowsky - Psychoanalyst

«Listening, Responsiveness, Professionalism, Efficiency, and... Sympathy! Here is what characterizes for us Beaucoup et Davantage which helped us a 1st time in the search for a property to buy, to propose it to the rental then. The service is really of high quality, with end-to-end support for demand. That's very reassuring.».

Isabelle Bannerot, Director of Human Resources for the banking sector
Olivier Bannerot, Sports Coach and former high-level athlete

« As an artist, I am one of the files that individuals and agencies tend to put at the bottom of the pile. Caroline's help was invaluable as she gave me the tips I needed to know to reassure the rental companies and not to be systematically overlooked. For the rest, it is difficult for me to be totally objective because as a result of the research she has done for me, Caroline has become a friend! She knows how to clear the jungle of announcements and make relevant proposals and is always available to advise or assist you during your visits».

Alexis Lesec, Screenwriter

«I am very satisfied with Caroline Nguyen's real estate research services».

Mrs Marie-Germaine Grasset, Doctor

«Caroline was a precious help in the search for our apartment 2 years ago, simply because she found it, and considering all our criteria! Thanks to his understanding of our project and his pre-visits, we finally only needed to visit a limited number of properties. In addition, Caroline is an extremely positive person with a very strong empathy».

Frédéric Vaneecke, Consultant

«It is thanks to Beaucoup et Davantage if I have found the apartment of my dreams and I strongly recommend to use its services!!!!!».

Ms. Moulin, Retired

«Beaucoup et Davantage has been a great help! Beyond the simple search for apartments to visit, Caroline was very attentive to our expectations and criteria to assist us in our search and help us make the right choice.
She was decisive in signing our apartment, advising us on the steps to follow and the strategy to adopt in our negotiations. In the end, we now own an apartment in which we feel very comfortable and it is thanks to her! To be highly recommended!!!!»

Juliette Foucault Aktas - Strategy & Innovation Director

«I found an ideal apartment for me in an extremely pleasant neighbourhood thanks to Caroline's research. I think without her I would have been discouraged. She was also very wise during the negotiation. I highly recommend his services».

David Lescot, Dramatic Artist

«Thanks to Caroline, and it's an understatement to say so, I just became a homeowner in Paris. A dream not so long ago. Thank you to her, dedicated, available and good advisor for helping me realize my dream! I can only recommend these services!».

Thomas Bonnet, Osteopath

«I had spent more than a year trying to find an apartment on my own. Unfortunately, not very available and travelling a lot, I often arrived too late... While several interesting properties had passed me by, I finally decided to use Caroline (Beaucoup et Davantage) who had been recommended to me by friends. Very kind and very available/flexible, Caroline has visited many apartments for me - often in "preview". This finally allowed me to find the apartment I wanted on a high floor and with a very clear view near the upper Marsh. Thank you Caroline».

Régis H.

«Caroline was more than invaluable, she was entirely essential to my search for an apartment. The Parisian market being very competitive, with Caroline we save a lot of time, she is very often (not to say all the time) the first to respond to offers and visit them, which makes all the difference in the end. In addition to this, she is constantly available for her clients, which is very valuable in a process that can be stressful. I recommend it to everyone around me.»
Thank you Caro!»

Elisa Richomme Manager ERP

«Back in Paris, after a few years abroad, I called on Caroline Nguyen's services for my research to buy in Paris, and I was very satisfied, fast and efficient. Good advisor»

Mr Leroy, Expatriate

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